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Welcome - terms of use

Verfasst: 11.11.2007, 18:26
von Jordi
Welcome to Moosburg Online's forum "Stalag VII A".

This forum is about the following topics:
  • POW camp Stalag VII A Moosburg
  • Civilian Internment Camp 6 Moosburg
  • Moosburg's New Town
  • Other POW camps

You'll find extensive information here: Moosburg Online: Stalag VII A.


Terms of use

Verfasst: 18.05.2010, 08:55
von Jordi
Terms of use

Due to permanent violation (spam), we had to cancel our initial policy to allow posts from guests.

Therefore, guests may only read in this forum.

As a registered user you will have the following advantages:
  • You can post new topics and reply to them
  • You can edit or delete earlier posts
  • You can send and receive personal messages
  • New posts will be highlighted
In any case, we reserve to:
  • Move posts to other topics or forums
  • Delete posts if they violate the netiquette