stalag 7a

Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg und andere Kriegsgefangenenlager
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg and other POW camps
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg et autres camps de prisonniers de guerre

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herbert victor Stockwell

stalag 7a

Beitragvon herbert victor Stockwell » 02.10.2006, 18:14

I am looking of all kind of info on my grandfather herbert victor stockwell (REME). He was prisoner in stalag 7a. I know he was captured by the italians and then he got transfered to stalag 7a. His nickname in the camp was "H". Whatever that means i do not know. He was in hospital in 7a but we do not know why. He spend his time in stalag till the war ended. Any info on friends or people who might have known him , would make my puzzle complete, as sadly he passed away.
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