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Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg und andere Kriegsgefangenenlager
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg and other POW camps
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg et autres camps de prisonniers de guerre

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Informationssuche - Looking for information

Beitragvon Jordi » 13.11.2007, 13:40

Sie suchen nähere Informationen über einen bestimmten Kriegsgefangenen des Stalag VII A oder eines anderen Lagers?
You are looking for further information about an individual POW of Stalag VII A or another POW camp?
Werner Schwarz (Moosburg Online)

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Re: Informationssuche - Looking for information

Beitragvon poartes » 18.03.2015, 19:25

My father, Carroll E. Artes, was an American infantryman captured in Salerno, Italy and marched through the Po River Valley to a work camp at Moosburg, Germany, Stalag 7A. He said that the Po Valley was the most beautiful place he'd ever seen and I was thusly named Po. I would like to know if there was a specific route that the German captors followed as they marched the American POWs (and other prisoners) on the way to Stalag 7A from Salerno and if so, what was the route? I would like to trace the journey to see what part of the Po might have caught his eye in such a dramatic fashion.

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