Prisoner camp in Kantemirovka

Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg und andere Kriegsgefangenenlager
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg and other POW camps
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg et autres camps de prisonniers de guerre

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Prisoner camp in Kantemirovka

Beitragvon Jordi » 16.01.2008, 19:22

We were sent a photo of a windmill and a German Wehrmacht car with some soldiers, and in the background some huts:


On the back of the photo a handwritten text says: Mühle beim Gef.-Lager in Kantemirowka - Mill at the prisoner camp in Kantemirovka:


Does anyone know anything about this prisoner camp? Was it a POW camp? Maybe it would help to decypher the inscription on the back of the car which probably indicates the unit. It seems to be the car of a German officer (maybe the photographer) with his driver.

Thank you very much for any help or advice you can give.
Werner Schwarz (Moosburg Online)

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