'Topper' Brown

Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg und andere Kriegsgefangenenlager
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg and other POW camps
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg et autres camps de prisonniers de guerre

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Barnett Brown

'Topper' Brown

Beitragvon Barnett Brown » 24.11.2007, 16:01

I was held as a POW in the British sector of Satalg VII A from Sept 1943 to May 1945. I was known in the camp as Barney 'Topper' Brown. Anyone who might recall having talked or met me while in the camp. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Cheers to Everyone,
Barney Brown

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Beitragvon Jordi » 12.01.2008, 22:20

Werner Schwarz (Moosburg Online)

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Re: 'Topper' Brown

Beitragvon merthyrtydfil89 » 25.03.2010, 17:41

Hi My name's Jonathan. Did you know my David Howells. Welshman. He was with the "Kings own light infantry"(KOLI) as they called it and he was held there between 1942-1945. He would have been around 21-23. If you remember him let me know. Thanks

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