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STALAG VII A - Sperotto Antonio italian carabiniere

Verfasst: 30.01.2010, 10:06
von sperottolucia
my father Antonio Sperotto was an italian carabiniere taken prisoner in greece (patrasso) in 1943, first deported in Buchenwald, and then after 2 months moved to Stalag VII A (munchen 54?) N. 3667, his number was 117 594 til 1945. He was stated death for typhus fever, but then he was found alive from a doctor or a nun (i don't know exactly) and then he was taken out from the deaths and brought back to life (in 2 months of delirium...). He was a tailor, and i know he was working a bit for some majors to fix jackets and so on.
He's still alive, i would like to trace his life there, (he's 92 now, so his memory is not good any more) and maybe to find somebody who knew or met him in that period.
thanks for everybody that can give me informations
best regards