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Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg und andere Kriegsgefangenenlager
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg and other POW camps
Bild Stalag VII A Moosburg et autres camps de prisonniers de guerre

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looking for info

Beitragvon steelraiders » 21.12.2010, 23:17

looking for any info on my Uncle Edward Cormier service # F 59762 of the west nova scotia regiment from canada was in Stalag 7A his P.O.W # was 129350. would like to here any info on him or of any one that might have been there with him at that time. he was captured in Italy in November 23 1943 and was a P.O.W until the end of the war.Or how I can go about getting the info on his time in a P.O.W camp he passed on in 1992 before i really got to know him. anyone that may know of him please send me a note thanks you very much

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